This is simply a group of young evangelical theologians who are curious about this thing called evangelicalism and where it is going.  From different ecclesial and theological perspectives, we are interested in discussion of the past, present, and future of evangelicalism, particularly given its apparent crisis in the recent past.


Stephen is a sometime graduate student in theology who grew up in the Assemblies of God.  Although he is no longer a classical Pentecostal, he is still charismatic and remains concerned with the relationship between evangelicalism and pentecostalism, as well as with those between American and global Christianities.  His personal and controversial web log is located here, and he can be reached by email at alyoshakaramazovtheintrovert at g mail dot com.

James was reared in the Baptist/Bible/Baptistic non-denom. world. He attended (The) Flagship Evangelical College and thankfully failed out of pre-med in time to become a theology major. He went from there to a confessing theology department in a mid-sized Jesuit school, though he still maintains an at-least-theoretical love for and commitment to his Baptist people. A theological Lutheran, sadly he’ll have to pursue his doctoral studies (on secularity, vocation, etc.) in the UK, among ex-pat American Evangelicals and our British Evangelical forebears.

Blake is…

Barbara is a graduate student pursuing her M.A. in theology and the arts. She was raised in a fundamentalist Baptist church until age eleven when her family moved on to a non-denominational evangelical church. While attending Flagship Evangelical College she worshiped at a Presbyterian church that proved to be a nice fit in both theology and polity. She now self-identifies as a ‘Presbyterian with Papist sympathies.’ She mails out carefully crafted mix CD’s to friends on a regular basis; if you’d like one or several, simply send her an email request – bpchristine [at] gmail [dot] com.


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